Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

Production of environmentally friendly fertilizers This company has offered chemicals used in various industries, including raw materials of detergent industry, medicine and chemical fertilizers such as Monocloric acetic acid (MCA) and intermediate materials such as EDDHA, EDDHSAM, EDDHSA and EDTA and fertilizers prepared from the chelates above. Considering the very important environmental aspect, this company […]

Prouduction Of Gaz

Manufacturer of Gaz What is Gaz? This word has several meanings, but the most popular shrub that name it is known that about 30 species. Arabic the “Play Button” and India “Chhav” say. Vshyrh gum of the tree has a variety of applications including use as laxatives gaz_chist in dyeing and tanning treatment for pediatric […]

Production of Power Tools

Manufacturer of power tools, home fans, miniature switches, sockets and plugs, etc. Miniature fuses are appliance of protecting electrical circuits against unauthorized current, it means if more current than the intended current passes through the fuse, it may burn out and the power may be cut off. However, the presence of these switches prevents other […]

Prouduction of Steel Ropes

Manufacturer of steel ropes required by various industries. In this regard, in order to increase its power and potential by obtaining an official and exclusive sales and after-sales service agency of Russia Severstal Metiz Company, which is the largest manufacturer of tow ropes in Russia and the fifth largest producer of tow ropes in Europe, […]

Prouduction of air conditioners

Manufacturer of air conditioners This company successfully spread its way in the air conditioning industry and later succeeded in obtaining a manufacturing license from two American companies Chrysler and Air Temp. Some of the products of this company: Airwasher Hygenic Standadrs Chillers Commercial split systems Cooling tower Fan coil units Condenser & condensing units Transport […]

Manufacturer of medical equipment The company’s products are classified into hospital, laboratory, dental and obstetric products. Sterile latex gloves Urine bag 24 hours urine collecting bottle Baby cup Baked lubricant gel Mucus extractor Umbilical cord clamp Lab test tube Petri dish Stool bottle

Prouduction Of Construction Health Products

  Manufacturer of construction health products The company’s products include liquid pump, invention of dual-mode flash tanks (traction and compression) and design and production of the first Iranian diaphragm floater

Prouduction Of Industrial & Electrical

Manufacturer of industrial electrical and electronic equipment, cathodic protection systems and corrosion monitoring and control. the most important of which are as follows: 1.Electronic_relays : Production of electronic relays and digital panel displays 2.Design and implementation of #cathodic_protection : Design, supply and implementation of cathodic protection systems (EPC) 3.Cathodic_protection_equipment : Production of transformer rectifiers and […]

Prouduction Of Stationery & Educational

manufacturer of stationery, educational, art and creative products . their products include play dough; modeling clay, oil pastel ; crayon, poster color (gouache), water color, graphite; color pencil, finger paint, face paint, glue stick, school geometry tools, school cup ; lunch box, play apron, educational; creative sets and accessories, while we are exclusive in manufacturing […]

Herbal Medicines

Manufacturer of herbal medicines and the first pharmaceutical knowledge-based company in the country. This company was established in 1992 with the aim of improving and promoting the health of the community. In addition to herbal medicines for humans, the company also produces about 11 herbal animal_products, which include a wide range of applications.