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Vistabest Company was registered in 2003 and began researching and procuring machinery for producing UPVC profiles.

In 2007, the company commenced its operations with 6 extrusion lines from European brands Krauss Maffei and Cincinnati in the field of UPVC door and window profile production. Over three years, it expanded to 13 production lines with an annual capacity exceeding 18,000 tons and 2 lamination lines from the Fux brand, becoming one of the largest manufacturers in this industry in Iran.

As a pioneer in UPVC profile production, Vistabest is the first Iranian company to receive the German RAL certification, the most prestigious global certification in this industry.

Other notable certifications obtained by Vistabest include the German SKZ certification, Iran’s national standard, and the technical certificate from the Road, Housing, and Urban Development Research Center, among others.

To ensure the quality and technical standards of its products, Vistabest has equipped its laboratory with modern and advanced devices, achieving the ISO/IEC 17025 certification for laboratory competency.

In response to the growing demand in the construction market, Vistabest has enhanced its product offerings to include 46 profile sections in various types: 3-chamber series with 60mm width, 5-chamber series with 70mm width, sliding series (single rail and double rail) under the Vistabest brand, and 5 profile sections in 4-chamber series with 60mm width under the Winabest brand, as well as laminated profiles in diverse colors, all of which have been introduced to the market.

Purpose and vision

As one of the largest UPVC profile manufacturers in Iran, we have aimed to provide high-quality products since we began our operations in the Hashtgerd industrial area in 2003, utilizing German and Austrian technology. The quality-focused approach of our management has led us to adopt product leadership as our market strategy. Over the years, several measures have been implemented to ensure that consumers receive high-quality products, including:

• Producing profiles with a main wall thickness of 3 millimeters in accordance with global Class A standards.
• Developing a technical requirements booklet for the production and installation of windows and distributing it to all representatives to ensure the production of standard windows.
• Establishing a technical sales service unit to oversee the complete window production process by all representatives across the country.
• Limiting the dealership network to better monitor the window production process.
• Providing a 10-year guarantee on products from Vistabest.


Three-chamber series

Vistabest has successfully introduced 25 profile sections in the three-chamber series with a width of 60 millimeters, enabling the construction of various types of UPVC doors and windows. These profiles are designed and produced in accordance with top industry standards, including a main wall thickness of 3 millimeters, ensuring robustness and durability.

This series of profiles caters to the delicate and intricate tastes of Iranian architecture, blending modern functionality with traditional aesthetics. Furthermore, the presence of special renovation profiles within this series allows for the easy replacement of old windows without the need for extensive demolition, simplifying the renovation process and enhancing convenience for customers.


Sliding Profile System

In response to market demands and customer needs, Vistabest has initiated the production of sliding profile series. By introducing 7 unique profile sections, Vistabest has made it possible to construct various types of single-rail and double-rail sliding doors and windows.
It is worth mentioning that these profiles are particularly suitable for buildings where the architectural design requires them or where there are space limitations that prevent the use of traditional hinged door and window systems. Additionally, in the construction of such sliding windows, it is possible to utilize and connect with several profiles from the three-chamber and five-chamber series, thereby enhancing the versatility and production capabilities.
This expansion into sliding profile series demonstrates Vistabest’s commitment to meeting diverse architectural needs while maintaining high standards of quality and functionality.

Renovation Profile System

The ability to replace windows in older buildings without any demolition or disruption to the residents has motivated Vistabest to develop specific products for this purpose. These products are designed to be installed over the remnants of the old windows, which are typically made of iron or aluminum, following a specific installation guide. After cutting the old window, the new profile is fitted like a sleeve over the remaining frame, allowing the benefits of modern UPVC windows with multi-glazed glass and contemporary hardware.
In addition to enhancing product desirability and achieving maximum customer satisfaction, Vistabest offers renovation products in various laminated colors. This allows customers to design and order single-sided or double-sided laminated products for old buildings, tailored to match the interior or exterior design of the building.


Static Mullion Profile Sysmet

Maintaining the efficiency and quality of large windows, especially in high-rise buildings and windy areas, requires the use of stronger and more robust profiles as well as metal reinforcements (galvanized steel). In this regard, Vistabest has designed and introduced static mullion products in their three-chamber and five-chamber series.
These products are engineered to accommodate larger and thicker galvanized steel reinforcements, significantly enhancing the static strength of the windows. This increase in reinforcement ensures that the windows maintain their structural integrity over time, providing long-term efficiency and quality.
Furthermore, these static mullion profiles are particularly beneficial in environments where wind load and structural demands are higher, ensuring that the windows remain secure and functional. Vistabest’s commitment to integrating these advanced reinforcement solutions demonstrates their dedication to delivering high-performance window systems that meet the rigorous demands of modern architecture and challenging environmental conditions. This approach not only boosts the durability and reliability of the windows but also contributes to the overall safety and comfort of the building’s occupants.



The use of auxiliary profiles and high-quality standard accessories significantly aids in the construction, assembly, and installation of an optimal window. Recognizing this, Vistabest has dedicated itself to producing a variety of auxiliary profiles and providing standard, high-quality accessories to support its contracted manufacturers in the fabrication and installation of windows.
Auxiliary profiles offered by Vistabest include various types of pipes, adapters, mosquito net frames, renovation frame angles, straps, panels, and more. These profiles are essential for ensuring the structural integrity and functionality of the windows.
In addition to the auxiliary profiles, Vistabest also supplies a range of essential accessories. These include various welding templates and fixtures, cleaning tools, sealing strips, and the necessary metal and plastic components required for the assembly and installation process. Each of these components is designed to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that the final window products not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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