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The reason for our success in the last two decades has been your trust in this complex, and dear developers of Iran, your valuable trust is the greatest asset of Medhat Company. Collaboration between dear engineers and contractors has always been based on mutual trust, which has led to the growth, promotion and success of this group in the concrete formwork industry in Iran and beyond.

Speed, safety, quality and cost-effectiveness are the four most important principles in our productions and beside the production; providing special engineering services and creating added values for customers has always been part of Medhat Organization policies.


Houpad wall formwork

Metal frame with playwood surface – no use of additional connectors and creating a strong structure to withstand different concrete pressures

One of the most modern methods of wall formwork is Plywood. In this system, the formwork surface is made of plywood and its backrest (frame) is made of metal; due to the use of plywood surface instead of metal sheet, in addition to be suitable for exposed concrete operation, it is very lightweighted too.

Although the plywood wall formwork creates a lighter structure than the metal one, but in terms of durability and efficiency and creating an exposed concrete surface, it works much better than similar metal systems. Plywood panels are easily connected to each other by clamps.

Circular sections formwork with modular panels

 Creating circular sections with the help of curved panels and modular wall system connections Wall formwork with arched sections is possible in two ways:

In the first method where the desired arch diameter is large and formed in a polygonal method; the wall formwork is done using modular forms and rolled back pipes.
In the second method where the desired arch diameter is small; instead of using modular forms, arc forms are used. These forms do not have transverse stiffener straps (back strap) and are executed by medium clamp and rolled pipes according to the desired arch. In cases the pressure on the forms is high; instead of rolled pipe, rolled profile with 80 × 40 cross section and long clamp is used.

Large panel wall formwork

This system is an excellent alternative to modular formwork system. In this method, instead of using modular form panels and connecting it with the help of pins, wedges and clamps, the form is  Reduction of construction joints, increased resistance, easy transportation and no need for additional assembly and disassembly are the most important applications of this system.designed as a large panel.

Modular wall formwork

One of the most widely used methods of wall formwork with lightweight and modular panels Modular wall formwork is one of the most widely used methods of concrete wall formwork in Iran. This system consists of a combination of modular form panels and formwork requirements. One of the popularity reason of this system is the variety in panel sizes and easy transportation possibility by manpower at the project site without the need for a crane.

Patterned wall formwork

Creating different paterns in concrete to beautify urban walls

Patterned wall formwork is composed of metal panels with same dimensions which produce shapes by creating a depth in the metal sheet. These forms are used in bridge walls, underpasses, interchanges, etc.
The patterned wall formwork has a punched-strap that allows easy connection to modular formwork. The connections used in this system are similar to the modular formwork system.

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