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West Asia Steel, with a brilliant history in the packaging machinery industry, has been operating for about 22 years and has been specialized in designing and manufacturing various types of tray sealer packaging machines for 10 years.

The importance of responding to customer needs and providing various solutions in the field of design and manufacture of Tray Sealer packaging machines, has been able to bring the company to the first place in this field in terms of creative ideas, quality and reliability among customers.

At present, this company is the only knowledge-based company in the field of designing and manufacturing tray sealer packaging machines, which, due to the level of quality and importance of the company’s products, we are supported by the Vice President for Science and Technology, and from in this way we can help more producers.

At present, the company, due to the quality and compliance with the required standards, has been able to be recognized as one of the contenders in international markets and can export its products to Asian and European countries.

Purpose and vision

Food packaging in a beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to use way leads to greater reliability and productivity.

We are here to teach customers how to pack safely in plastic containers.

Increasing the quality of packaging and preserving the product will increase the profit of customers.

An innovative solution and new thinking will increase your competitive advantage.

Therefore, in order to create these benefits for our customers, we are always looking to design and build new machines with innovative creations.

Our goals and strategy are to design and manufacture various examples of packaging machines in plastic containers along with options, in accordance with modern technology and the country’s lack of need for this technology. As we have been able to introduce our views to our customers for many years.



The automatic seal vacuum machine (automatic tray sealer) can package food products in plastic trays with high speed, accuracy, and quality automatically and continuously.

This machine automatically and easily loads (transports) the trays into the mold and brings the packaged products out of the machine.

The automatic tray sealer is one of the products designed and manufactured by the talented and experienced engineers of West Asia Steel Company.

After decades of designing and manufacturing complex packaging lines, our technical and engineering department has been able to provide key and complex packaging solutions equipped with various conveyor belts, molds with different shapes, check weigher systems at the input and output, automatic denester, multi-head filler (weighing) machine, fillers for diluted and concentrated liquid, UV tunnel, output conveyor belt, rower machine, and other cases that will be explained below completely.

The speed of this machine by vacuum and injection of gases is 5 to 7 cycles per minute, and in simple packaging is 7 to 8 cycles per minute.

What distinguishes our vacuum and seal machines is flawless performance, high quality, speed, safety, and precision in modified atmosphere packaging, the ability to design custom machines, and integrate them with additional technical components to fully meet customer expectations.(Read more)




Semi-automatic vacuum sealing machine is used for packaging various food products in plastic trays.

Low required space and reasonable price for high packing capacities are the characteristics of this machine.

The procedure of working semi-automatic packaging machine by rotary table, designed and manufactured by West Asia Machinery Manufacturing Company, is as follows: Once the operator places the filled trays of the product on the machine’s mold, the table must be rotated 180 degrees. Subsequently, by pressing the buttons, the machine will start.

The machine’s mold is changeable and can be adjusted for trays by different dimensions. The process of mold changing is very easy and convenient due to its user-friendly design, and you can have several molds by one machine. Additionally, the parts used in the machine’s mold ensure proper sealing during vacuuming, gas injection, and ultimately, packaging is done correctly and without error.

Comprehensive guidelines have been prepared to facilitate the settings of the machine, aiming to increase its efficiency. You can easily do the machine settings by following our experts’ training, watching relevant videos, and referring to the guides provided by our company and achieving high productivity without any problems from this packaging method.(Read more)


Thermoforming packaging machines are used for packaging food and pharmaceutical.

One of the most important features of this machine is accurate packaging using the MAP method, aimed at increasing the shelf life of the product.

The technical standards used in this machine ensure that during its use (product packaging), the following benefits are accompanied for the manufacturer.

Thermoforming packaging machines manufactured by West Asia Steel Machinery Company are used for packaging food and pharmaceuticals in plastic containers.

The thermoforming packaging machine is one of the machines designed and manufactured by West Asia Steel Company. This machine is suitable for producers aiming to have packaging with a different shape compared to other packaging methods. The most significant difference between a thermoforming machine and a tray sealer is that in the thermoforming method, the tray is formed by the machine itself, whereas in a tray sealer, the tray must be purchased ready-made from outside.(Read more) 




The vacuum chamber packaging machine is used to pack all kinds of food products in plastic bags.

Generally, this machine performs the packaging of products with complete vacuum, but it also has the capability of packaging using the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) method.

The packaging of products by the Vacuum Chamber Machine can be done through the following methods:

  • Full vacuum
  • Packaging with modified atmosphere
  • Fully vacuum-sealed packaging using special films with Shrinkage properties

The Vacuum Chamber Machine with two cabins (double chamber packaging machine) is highly efficient and requires small space. The operation of this machine involves manual handling, where plastic bags filled with the product are placed manually in the machine and removed manually after packaging.

This machine is equipped with a PLC and a touch screen HMI for accurate control and easy settings by the operator. The machine has a maximum of 5 packaging programs that can be changed by the operator. Repair and maintenance of different parts of the machine are very easy and meet standard design principles. Various parts of the machine are easily accessible for quick and efficient settings.(Read more)


A high-speed tray sealer with 5 times packaging capacity more than automatic tray sealer (seal vacuum) machines and unique performance can package products. This machine is a very good choice for packaging of food products by high-capacity.

The high-speed automatic tray sealer machine is used for packaging food products in plastic trays. Packaging can be done with or without the MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) method. In this method, the packaging of the product is completely automated from receiving the trays to the moving the packaged trays out of the machine.   

The high-speed Tray Sealer can reach up to 20 cycles per minute (more than three times compared to general type of automatic tray sealer). This include the machine in the high-level technology category.

This machine offers the possibility of customizing and integration with denesters, fillers, and related equipment. With two decades experience in designing and manufacturing different packaging lines using tray sealer machines, our technical and engineering department is capable of providing key and practical packaging solutions equipped with various conveyors, automatic denester, UV tunnels, various fillers, automatic lidders, automatic rowers, jet printers, traffic tables, etc.   

Our continuous research about new technologies and following improved packaging methods have led to the manufacturing of a multi-purpose machine with advanced technical features.(Read more)


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